About Credential-Doc

Listed below are the salient facts about the Credential-Doc app.

CAQH Data Management

  • Ownership control over CAQH data of your providers & PCs
  • Updated as per changing compliance & regulations
  • EDI with CAQH.org – one-time data entry
  • Over 500 CAQH data items
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Document management
  • Comprehensive reporting and search
  • Inherent scalability

PC Data Management

  • Data management of contracted PCs
  • Insurance payer listings by State of contracted PC location
  • Specifications of nationwide locations, providers and payers per contracted PC
  • Classification of providers as owners or renderers
  • Document management
  • Inherent national scalability

Credentialing Management

  • Case based management of credentialing tasks
  • Approval feature for completed tasks
  • Comprehensive filters & reporting of case-based tasks
  • Followup date tracking
  • Case based tasks in the format “Credential Dr. X for locations A,B,.. for payer Y”
  • Inherent scalability

Competitor Analysis

  • Does not facilitate
    • Data ownership
    • Credentialing management features
    • Contracted PC management features
    • Control over enhancements
    • Control over Integration with other organization systems
    • Document management
    • Certain search, export, print features
  • Limited payer list

Features to Note

  • HIPAA compliant production environment
  • EDI with CAQH.org – one-time data entry
  • Elastic & scalable
  • API based with easy integration
  • HIPAA compliant field level audit trail with archival
  • Context sensitive help
  • Easy data entry with several lookups
  • Supplementary CAQH data modules
  • EDI for automated submission to CAQH.org
  • EDI for automated submission to insurance companies
  • More functional and technical features coming soon…


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • State of the art development environments


  • Licenses offered
    • Perpetual license
    • Subscription license
  • Also available
    • Customizations
    • Support plans



  • Cloud based
    • Elasticity
    • Scalability
    • Low running costs
  • State of the art development environments


  • Staffed by
    • Certified technologists
    • Practicing subject matter experts


  • High ROI
  • Direct positive impact on revenues

Pricing & Support

  • Perpetual & subscription pricing plans
  • Email & in-person support plans
  • Contact us for pricing & support plans

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